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The Best Ride By Design

A critical component of any performance fishing boat is the ride. In smooth and rough conditions, anglers want to know their boat is going to provide a smooth, stable, dry and safe ride.


On the offshore models, this is accomplished with the aggressive MAKO Deep V hull design. These chop-taming hulls use strategically placed strakes that raise the hull higher out of the water at speed. The result is higher speeds, more fuel efficiency and better handling while cruising, but also improved maneuverability at slower speeds. The Deep V hull and wide chines also contributes to a dry, comfortable ride and great stability at rest, as well as the necessary buoyancy to handle today's high-horsepower outboards.


On the 18 and 21 LTS, the amazing ride can be attributed to the Rapid Planing System transom. This award-winning stepped hull design results in faster holeshots (with little to no bow rise), better handling and higher overall top speeds. Plus, it allows the boat to perform in extreme shallows! And all with lower horsepower engines.


And then there are the Pro Skiff models with the MAKO-exclusive Advanced Inverted V (AIV) hulls! This new and innovative design allows for better load carrying abilities, impressive performance and a dry, smooth, chop-taming ride with less horsepower in rougher conditions!

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